Itsy Bitsy Christmas is episode 9 of Season 14. It was released on December 3, 2013 at 7:30 PM.

Facts Edit

  • This episode was released on December 3, 2013.
  • The episode itself was requested by LOSMMORPG.
  • This episode is 23 minutes and 51 seconds.
  • This episode was requested by LOSMMORPG, englishcreamecakes, billymasesx, BFDIFan9001, walshmjoey, and nkrs200.
  • This is the first Christmas special with a Christmas-set elimination.
  • This is also the first episode to have 1,000 votes.

Appearances Edit


Ice Cube









Golf Ball


Before the introEdit

Max: Um guys? Uhhh, guys, you don't seem too well. Lucy: Itsy Bitsy Christmas (x4) Max: Really?

Elimination Edit

Max: So, we got 1,000 votes. Leafy got 42 votes, so she's safe. Flower and Firey had immunity. So they're safe. Coiny got 77 votes. Teardrop is safe with only 107. Binky and Blocky got 205 and 231 votes respectively. Dora, with a groundbreaking 338 votes, you are eliminated. Okay. No interruptions. Great. Anyway. The next contest is to make a tree. Go.

Contest Edit

Pencil: OMG, Look, It's Match! Ice Cube: Is Match dead? Pen: I have the best one. Blocky: So do I. Eraser: I'm about 32.7% done. Golf Ball: I am about 4.6%. My chances of winning went from 7.194% to 9.992%. Pencil: Golf Ball, shut up, and get in the van! Eraser: I'm about 75% done. Max: Boop. Times up.

Results Edit

Max: Eraser, you get 15,000 dollars for effort. Eraser: YAAAAAAAAY! Thank's Max!

End =Edit

Max: Voters, it is your time to vote. Voting ends December 30th. Don't forget to watch Episode 10, which releases on December 10, 2013.