Itsy Bitsy Halloween is episode 6 of Season 14 of The Super Show. It was released on November 12, 2013. It is the Halloween special of 2013.


Before the introEdit

David is hanging on to Puffball when he tells her the most horrible thing. He said that Tennis Ball said Golf Ball is very bossy.

Cake at Stake Edit

At Cake at Stake, it is revealed that 88 people voted for Crayon. Max said that the viewers were not allowed to vote for him. With 94 out of 182 votes, David was eliminated. That was the 3rd time he was eliminated. First was Season 5 Episode 7, Second was Season 8 Episode 9, and 3rd was now. He was eliminated.

Contest Edit

Then Max said the next contest was to make ice cream cake. And Pencil Made the biggest cake ever.

Elimination Edit

Spongy, Leafy, and Firey are up for elimination. Voting ended December 17, 2013. Next episode released on November 19, 2013.

Results Edit

  1. Pencil 9450
  2. David 9402
  3. Dora 9260
  4. Blocky 8653
  5. James 7212
  6. Coiny 2100