Parameter Notes
first First appearance of the character
last Last appearance of the character
creator Name of the person who invented the character
portrayer Name of the person(s) who portrayed the character
voice Name of the person(s) who voiced the character
info-hdr Text for display in second header (default = Information)
alias Any aliases used by the character
relationships Any significant relationships that are essential to understanding the character
extra-hdr Text for display in third header (default = No third header)
lbl# Label to display in left column where "#" is 1-5, 21-25, or 31-35 for custom fields under the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd headers respectively
data# Text to display in the right column corresponding to the appropriate "lbl#"
tbl-class Overall class for the table (default = infobox)
tbl-style Overall styles for the table (default = width: 20em; text-align: left; font-size: 90%)
lbl-style Style to apply to all cells in the left column
data-style Style to apply to all cells in the right column
sep Separator character(s) to display after each label in the left column
noinfo disable the first "information" header
colour Background color for header bars (default = #DEDEE2)
colour text Text color for header bars (default = #000000)