Quotes from other people.

Max Edit

"Make that be a lesson" - "The Siri Movie"

"Shut Up" - To people except Izel

"Oh my gigabit LAN" - Discontinued as of June 1, 2015

"Oh my gigabit Ethernet"

"Oh my David"

"Oh my DisplayPort"

"Oh my Pioneer Elite "

"Oh my USB"

"Oh my laptops"

Piglet Edit

"Oh my Luke"

"Oh my g-g-ggggosh"

"Help, Maxie"


"Oh my God, No!"

David Edit

"Aw Seriously"

"Oh no, seriously"

"Hey, Maxie Butt" - (By many people)


Blocky Edit

"Hi Max"

"You are the best person ever Max"

"Thanks big guys"


"Pen, Pen"