Slackness is Season 14 Episode 1 of The Super Show. It was released on October 8, 2013. It is the first episode to air on a Tuesday.

Plot Edit

Max is talking about how Pigpen is evil. And Violet asks him "Max, dinner" and Max stands up. After the title card, Max is using his HP Pavilion Elite m9260f that was originally on Windows Vista, but was downgraded to Windows XP Home Edition by Max. That happened on January 8, 2010, which is 10 months and 3 years before this episode. Back to the story. Then Max opens his start menu, opens Internet Explorer, which is his least favorite browser, and searches on his Dell L100 "evil pigpen". And he gets scared and closes it. Then he shut downs his computer, closes the door, and talks to Blocky. And Pigpen appears then Max and Blocky run. And Pigpen says "Don't Run from Me now, because I got" and Max interrupts him and says "You got my laptop" Pigpen says "Yes. And Max punches him and gets the laptop he stole, which was a HP Pavilion dv5000 running Windows XP. Then Max types in his password, opens Mozilla Firefox, opens Google, his favorite website, searches "hp dv9000" and backspaces it and types "pioneer sc-25" and touched the enter key and saw it, nearly 5 minutes later, his boss charged his laptop and closed the window and when he heard talking from Blocky, Violet, Snoopy, and Blocky, he shut down his laptop and went to the room and saw what happened. Shortly after, Violet says what was he doing. And Max said he shut down his laptop so he can talk. But 11 minutes later, David turned back on the laptop and reset it to factory settings. And then reinstalled Windows XP.